Unsolicited Proposals Submission Portal

This is the dedicated portal for the submission of Unsolicited Proposals to the PPP Center for completeness check and determination of the appropriate Approving Body, pursuant to Section 10(a) of the PPP Code and Sections 52 and 53 of its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

To download a copy of the PPP Center's procedures on the submission of Unsolicited Proposals, please click this link.

You may also visit this page for more information about the processing of Unsolicited Proposals. The full list of required documents in the determination of completeness of an Unsolicited Proposal and the editable copies of forms required to be filled out and submitted may also be found on said page.

Any other form of submission not coursed through this portal shall not be accepted and shall not be considered for completeness check.

Private Proponents who intend to submit an Unsolicited Proposal may request a meeting with the PPP Center for purposes of clarifying the process and/or requirements regarding the completeness check. Requests for meetings may be coursed through the Project Evaluation Division by sending an email to evaluation@ppp.gov.ph.

Please be guided by the following:

  1. All fields marked with "" are required to be filled out.
  2. To attach a file, click "Select file".
  3. Each file must not exceed 100 MB.
  4. Click the button to add another file for uploading. Click the button to remove an attached file.
  5. The Financial and Economic Models should be in traceable and editable Microsoft Excel format.
  6. If the Financial and Economic Models are in one file, click "Same as financial model" option under "Electronic copy of the economic model."
  7. Unsolicited Proposals submitted from Monday to Friday between 8:00AM to 5:00PM shall receive an email confirming the completion of submission on the same day from evaluation@ppp.gov.ph, copy furnished the identified Implementing Agency/ies. Unsolicited Proposals received outside these hours shall be considered submitted and shall be acknowledged on the next working day.
  8. Should you encounter any errors and/or issues with using this portal, please contact the USP Completeness Check Helpdesk at usp-techsupport@ppp.gov.ph, copy furnished evaluation@ppp.gov.ph, detailing the error or issue, with screenshots. You may also course suggestions for improvements in this portal through the same emails.

Authorized Representative of the Private Proponent

Proposed Implementing Agency/ies (IA)

Kindly input here the email address of the Head of the proposed IA. If available, kindly input as well all email addresses of the teams and/or focal persons identified to handle the unsolicited PPP proposal. The email addresses should be separated by a semi-colon (e.g., employee1@ppp.gov.ph; employee2@ppp.gov.ph; team1@ppp.gov.ph; team2@ppp.gov.ph)

Project Details

Note: File size for each attachment should not exceed 100MB.

Please see template completeness checklist.

Please see template forms.

Please see template forms.

Please see "Documentary requirements" tab of this form.
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